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New Spanish-Language Mental Health Resources

New Spanish-Language Mental Health Resources
SAMHSA and HHS released new resources for Spanish-language speakers and professionals who work with Latinos. These resources were developed following the June 2013 National Conference on Mental Health to encourage partners and communities across the country to work together to address mental health issues.
The Toolkit for Community Conversations About Mental Health (Diálogos comunitarios acerca de la salud mental) supports communities interested in holding conversations about mental health. The toolkit includes:
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MentalHealth.gov en Español has resources and information about prevention, treatment, and recovery from mental health conditions. The website also focuses on the importance of talking about mental health and engaging parents, young people, professionals serving Spanish-speaking populations, and other community leaders in conversations about mental health.
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Question About Community Conversations?
Learn how to hold a community conversation about mental health, or reach our national partners who can share their expertise as speakers, facilitators, or participants.

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