jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Ivanhoe Insider for 5/14/2014

Medical Breakthroughs: Ivanhoe Insider
Today's News Flashes
Molecule Blocks Cancer Growth in Mice 
Scientists have developed a small molecule that interferes with cancer progression with minimal side effects. The new cancer-fighting drug prevents two critical proteins from interacting by mimicking(More)
Link Between Small-Vessel Disease, Alzheimer’s?
Cerebral small-vessel disease and Alzheimer disease pathology appear to be associated, new research indicates. “Our study supports the hypothesis that the pathways of SVD and AD pathology are ...(More)
Endocrine Disruptors Impair Human Sperm Function
A plethora of endocrine-disrupting chemicals interfere with human sperm function in a way that may have a negative impact on fertilization. The work suggests that endocrine disruptors may contribute(More)
Plugging Leaky Blood Vessels to Save Vision
A new drug approach has been developed for safer clean-up of deformed blood vessels in the eye. The growth of malformed blood vessels that can burst is a leading cause of vision loss in North(More)
Protein Key to Beating Flu Pandemics
A protein called SOCS4 has been shown to act as a handbrake on the immune system’s runaway reaction to flu infection, providing a possible means of minimizing the impact of flu pandemics.(More)

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