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Association of self-reported familial ... [Am J Hum Biol. 2013 Mar-Apr] - PubMed - NCBI

Association of self-reported familial ... [Am J Hum Biol. 2013 Mar-Apr] - PubMed - NCBI

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Family History

 2013 Mar-Apr;25(2):228-30. doi: 10.1002/ajhb.22371.

Association of self-reported familial history of cardiometabolic disease with metabolic syndrome in apparently healthy urban Colombian men.



Evidence about the relationship between familial history (FH) of cardiometabolic disease (CMD) and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in Latin American populations is scarce. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship of FH of CMD and of dyslipidemia and obesity with MetS in healthy men.


One-hundred-twenty one individuals were recruited. Waist circumference and blood pressure were measured by a trained researcher using standard techniques. Glycemia and lipid profile were determined by colorimetric assays. A survey to record personal data and family antecedents in siblings, aunts/uncles, parents, and grandparents was conducted by trained interviewers.


Individuals having three or more familial antecedents were associated with high triglycerides level even after adjusting by age, sedentarism, fat and carbohydrates intake, and alcohol consumption. After adjusting for the same variables, FH of dyslipidemia and hypertension was also associated with high triglycerides levels and elevated waist circumference, respectively. The FH of stroke was associated with high blood pressure after adjusting for the rest of familial antecedents, and with MetS in all adjustment models.


the findings of association of this study together with the previous reports are evidence of the importance of hereditary component as independent predictor of cardiovascular risk factors and its clustering, as well as of possible specific association patterns between FH of CMD and MetS depending on evaluated population in terms of ethnic groups and geographic region. Further studies are required in other populations, as well as exploration of genetic markers of CMD regarding to MetS.
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