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New Website Highlights NCI-Designated Cancer Centers || NCI Cancer Bulletin for September 4, 2012 - National Cancer Institute

NCI Cancer Bulletin for September 4, 2012 - National Cancer Institute

New Website Highlights NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

NCI-Designated Cancer Centers websiteNCI recently launched a website that provides an in-depth focus on the NCI-designated cancer centers. The site highlights the recent accomplishments of the nationwide research and patient care network in four areas: targeted cancer therapies, advanced medical technologies, cancer survivorship programs, and initiatives to reduce disparities in research and treatment of cancer in medically underserved populations and communities.
Sixty-seven U.S. cancer centers have earned recognition as NCI-designated cancer centers, indicating that they have met rigorous criteria for world-class programs in multidisciplinary cancer research. These centers develop research programs, faculty, and facilities that are focused on developing better approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
One section of the updated site focuses on the development of one of the first targeted cancer therapies, imatinib (Gleevec), and describes how researchers at several NCI-designated cancer centers were involved in the initial research and, later, clinical trials for the drug. After the first clinical study was reported in 1999, imatinib moved quickly toward Food and Drug Administration approval for chronic myelogenous leukemia. By 2011, it had been tested and approved to treat several other cancers.
Another feature of the new website is an interactive map of NCI-designated cancer centers across the United States, with links to detailed profiles for each center. There is also a list of top scientific and medical awards for cancer center scientists, including 45 Nobel Prize winners, and a section describing what it takes for an institution to become an NCI-designated cancer center.

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