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CDC - Diagnosis and Treatment - Stories - Lyme Disease

CDC - Diagnosis and Treatment - Stories - Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Stories


One Man's Experience with Lyme Disease

John got Lyme disease on a camping trip with his son. This video describes how the early symptoms felt and how he was treated by his physician, Dr. Heaton.  Dr. Heaton talks about some common concerns that patients have with Lyme disease and where it occurs.  John follows up with some tips for avoiding tick bites and Lyme disease.

Ticks Strike Twice

Linda got Lyme disease once but was later bitten by another tick.  Read her story to find out how she felt and why it's important to remain vigilant against ticks.

Linda's Story

“I’ve had Lyme disease two times.  The first time was in 2001. I likely got the tick playing in the yard with my daughter.  We live in Maryland and we back up to park land. Deer are plentiful.
I developed a bull’s eye rash, first on the back of my knee, followed by one on my lower back a few days later. I had heard that a rash could be associated with Lyme disease so I looked up Lyme disease on the internet.  I also read about the symptoms and testing. The information on the CDC website advised me to go to the doctor and share my symptoms and ask about testing. After reading the information, I went to the doctor and they took a blood sample. I never found a tick.
About 5 days later, before the test results even came back, I began to develop flu-like symptoms.  I remember the symptoms coming on quite rapidly one morning. By early afternoon, I was quite sick with a high fever.  It was a Saturday, so I drove myself to the afterhours care at our HMO.  I remember having a horrible headache; the worst one I have ever had and all my muscles hurting. Because I was so ill and all my symptoms were consistent with Lyme infection, the doctor put me on antibiotics right away--even though the test results were not yet back.  The test did eventually come back positive. My symptoms cleared up very quickly, within a couple of days.  I have no lingering symptoms at all.
I got Lyme disease a second time about 3 or 4 years ago.  I had what appeared to be a scab on my hip that wouldn’t go away.  I finally picked the scab off; later I realized that the scab was probably a tick.  I had a small rash that developed around where the scab had been and showed it to my friend who is a physician’s assistant.  She suspected that it could be Lyme.  I made an appointment with my doctor who ordered a test.  He prescribed antibiotics even before the test results came back positive.  Because I took the antibiotics right away, I never got sick like I did the first time and never had any other symptoms.
I am always very wary of going outside in the spring, summer and fall without repellant.  So many people in our neighborhood have had Lyme disease and the deer population has grown in the last 10 years, so I always feel a bit concerned; more so for my children than for me.  I insist they have on bug spray when playing in the yard and always check them for ticks every night when they have played outside.
It’s so important to get accurate information about the signs of Lyme disease. If someone suspects they have been bitten by a tick or have a suspicious rash, the best advice I can give is to not wait to see your doctor.  If it is Lyme disease, the sooner you can be diagnosed and treated, the less likely you are to develop more serious symptoms.”

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