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Cancer Information Highlights, September 25, 2019

Cancer Information Highlights, September 25, 2019

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Information Highlights
From the National Cancer Institute
Updating you about cancer causes, prevention, screening, treatment, coping, and more
New from NCI
Leading the Nation’s Progress against Cancer
Rihanna Thumbnail NCI’s investment in cancer research has led to lower rates of new cancers and cancer deaths. Learn more about NCI’s plan for continued progress against cancer from this chapter of the NCI Annual Plan & Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2021.
Tandem Stem Cell Transplant for High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Read about results from a clinical trial that show that many children with advanced forms of neuroblastoma may benefit more from receiving two separate stem cell transplants as part of their treatment instead of one.
Helping Parents Quit Smoking

Read about research that tested whether training pediatricians’ offices to provide smoking cessation treatment to parents during visits with their child’s doctor can help those parents quit smoking.
To Treat Pancreatic Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests Changing Tumor Microbiome

Read about results from a new study that suggest that, for people with pancreatic cancer, the makeup of bacteria in their tumors may predict how long they live.
New Drug Approved Based on Tumor Genetics Rather Than Cancer Type

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved entrectinib (Rozlytrek) for adults and adolescents aged 12 or older who have cancer with a specific genetic change, no matter what type of cancer they have.
Drug Information Updates
Pembrolizumab and Lenvatinib Mesylate for Endometrial Cancer

We’ve updated our drug information summaries on pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and lenvatinib mesylate (Lenvima) with a recent FDA approval. These drugs are now approved to be used together to treat patients with advanced endometrial cancer that has specific genetic changes and that got worse after other treatments.
Also of Interest
Children with Cancer: A Guide for Parents

If your child has cancer, this booklet can help you every step of the way. Order one free copy, print the PDF, or download it to an e-reader.
Using Trusted Resources

Health information, whether in print or online, should come from a credible source. Learn how to recognize information that is based on research from sources you can trust. 

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