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Current Guidelines - health.gov

Current Guidelines - health.gov

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Cholesterol can be one of the most confusing health topics.

Healthcare provider and patient discussing medical records
It’s really no wonder. A blood lipid profile yields a lot of daunting numbers tied to unwieldy technical terms like “low-density lipoprotein” and “triglycerides.” It can be a challenge to understand how food, physical activity, and family history influence those numbers. This confusion—and lots of misinformation from the Internet and other sources—surely contributes to the fact that half of adults who could benefit from cholesterol-lowering medicines (statins) don’t take them.
Recently, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology—along with a host of partners—released an update to the 2013 cholesterol management guideline. The new recommendations provide greater specificity about medicines and high-risk populations and continue to emphasize the importance of a lifelong, heart-healthy lifestyle and shared decision making. This collaborative approach can help each of us better understand our personal risk of a heart attack or stroke, the benefits and risks that we may expect from medication, and how to tackle obstacles to healthy habits.
And just in time to help you chart an active 2019 are the newly updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The bottom line is that all active minutes matter when it comes to health. Whether getting active to help manage cholesterol or blood pressure, to quit smoking, or just to have fun, start taking those small steps today toward a healthier tomorrow.

—Janet Wright, MD, FACC
Executive Director, Million Hearts®

Explore the 2018 Cholesterol Management Guideline

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