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Bioethics Observatory Embryo personality condition.The category of person of the human embryo and some humans would be not persons

Bioethics Observatory Embryo personality condition.The category of person of the human embryo and some humans would be not persons


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The status of person of the human embryo

The status of person of the human embryo

The ultimate postmodern injustice is the refusal to recognise certain human individuals as persons * The continuing advances of science in the area of embryology leave little doubt about the human nature of the embryo... Read more.


Children born through IVF have a higher risk of suffering premature vascular aging and high blood pressure. New IVF children risks are detected

Premature vascular aging and high blood pressure in children born by IVF

IVF children risks in the rise The possible negative effects of assisted reproduction techniques, for mother and child, must be informed by Clinics to their eventual clients… Read more.
The suicidal individuals mental suffering is not sufficiently considered by suicide prevention campaigns  

Suicide rates increased in  U.S. states. A new paradigm shift is needed

Suicide is not always a symptom of mental illness. "A new paradigm shift is needed".  According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  is one of the leading public health problems… Read more.
3 million 0-19year olds live with HIV numbers continue to rise which are producing unprecedented adolescent deaths increases. "Crisis of Health" said UNESCO

AIDS pandemic. Adolescents deaths continues to rise

A recent report presented at the International Conference on AIDS  revealed that, in the year alone, 130,000 boys, girls and adolescents under the age of 19 died due to AIDS, and 430,000 – that’s almost 50 per hour – contracted the infection… Read more.
Jennifer Doudna on gene edited babies said that she’s “horrified” and "disgusted" with how her work has been used to create humans

“Gene-edited babies” in China. What has said Jennifer Doudna?

"It is a matter of when and where the gene editing technology will be used in human embryos...". …


A Wealthy English couple kept dead son's sperm and with a donor's egg and surrogate mother gestates designer grandson challenging the law

Sperm from a cadaver was used to conceive a child 

Bypassing UK fertility laws, the sperm was extracted and exported to the …
Suicide cannot be considered therapy affirmed Health Secretary. Euthanasia drugs denied because suicide is forbidden by Constitutional laws

The German Ministry of Health called to stop euthanasia drugs free acquisition

In view of "fundamental and far-reaching questions, particularly constitutional questions … It cannot be the task of the state to actively support suicidal acts through …
Without either family or sexual relations, he had 200 children. Sperm donor parenthood could increase epidemic loneliness in Europe?

Fathered 200 children hoping that they would one day track one of them

‘Louis’ with his daughter, Joyce Curiere, who traced him after getting a DNA test …
The Trump administration is considering define gender as a biological, immutable condition. Biological sex identity instead individual’s choice

The biological sexual identity is once again adopted by the American Administration

Is US Government official definition of sexual identity determined “on a biological basis grounded in science" a violation of transgender person rights?…
Abortions hits lowest rate. The decline in abortions was seen in women across all age groups especially pronounced among teenagers

Abortions have reached a historic low rate in the United States

American public opinion trend proves that the pro-life fight could win. US is the first country with increasing youth pro-life. According to the report, the decline in abortions … Read more.
Sex imbalance social problems. China and India unprecedented social and humanitarian crisis is predicted by sociologists and humanitarian associations

Sex disparity on a continental scale in China and India

A combination of cultural preferences, government decree and modern medical technology in the world’s two largest countries has created a historical gender imbalance on a continental… Read more.

Bioethics Observatory Embryo personality condition.The category of person of the human embryo and some humans would be not persons

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