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Medical News | Medical Articles - Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Nov 26, 2018 Edition

Medical News | Medical Articles

 November 26, 2018 
 Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 
 The latest artificial intelligence in healthcare news from News Medical 
 #ALT#Discover How AI is Driving Innovations in Medical Imaging

In this whitepaper, learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving in the healthcare industry and serves as an important diagnostic tool when used by experienced medical experts. Using AI in medical imaging can help with the detection of diseases, monitoring of treatment, and predicting outcomes - all essential components of effective patient care.

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   New artificial intelligence-based method predicts treatment effectivenessNew artificial intelligence-based method predicts treatment effectiveness
How can a doctor predict the treatment outcome of an individual patient? Traditionally, the effectiveness of medical treatments is studied by randomized trials where patients are randomly divided into two groups: one of the groups is given treatment, and the other a placebo.
   Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in MedicineArtificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Medicine
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an umbrella term for machine learning and deep learning. It is where a machine takes in information from its surroundings and, from that, makes the most optimal decision appropriate to the situation.
 AI could reduce gadolinium dosage in MRI scans
AI could reduce gadolinium dosage in MRI scansThe findings, which are being presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, point towards the possibility of performing MRI scans without trace amounts of the contrast agent being left behind in the body.
 Neural networks could replace marker genes in RNA sequencing
Neural networks could replace marker genes in RNA sequencingResearchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a new and efficient way to characterize cell types following single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). The new method involves the use of neural networks and supervised machine learning techniques rather than marker genes, which are not available for all cell types.
 Machine Learning in Drug Development
Machine Learning in Drug DevelopmentDrug development is a costly and often fruitless process. Many of the drugs initially investigated are not brought to clinical trial, and many after that are not approved by the FDA or other similar boards.
 Artificial Intelligence and Life Science
Artificial Intelligence and Life ScienceArtificial intelligence, or AI, constitutes machine learning and deep learning, which enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed every step of the way. This type of technology has shown to be very useful in life science industries, such as by sorting different types of cancer cells in laboratories.

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