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Early career research in 3D Printing in Medicine

Early career research in 3D Printing in Medicine

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Early career research in 3D Printing in Medicine

A thematic series published in 3D Printing in Medicine
Recently, the field of 3D printing has seen exciting advancements and innovative research that impacts medicine. This series aims to highlight original research by students and trainees who are actively engaged in 3D printing science.
This collection of articles is being sponsored by Stratasys, and the submitted manuscripts have undergone the journal’s standard peer review process.
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  1. Content Type:Research

    Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures and 3D bioprinting have recently gained attention based on their multiple advantages over two-dimensional (2D) cell cultures, which have less translational potential to rec...
    Authors:Christen J. Boyer, David H. Ballard, Mansoureh Barzegar, J. Winny Yun, Jennifer E. Woerner, Ghali E. Ghali, Moheb Boktor, Yuping Wang and J. Steven Alexander
    Citation:3D Printing in Medicine 2018 4:9
    Published on: 
  2. Content Type:Research

    Medical three-dimensional (3D) printing has expanded dramatically over the past three decades with growth in both facility adoption and the variety of medical applications. Consideration for each step required...
    Authors:Leonid Chepelev, Nicole Wake, Justin Ryan, Waleed Althobaity, Ashish Gupta, Elsa Arribas, Lumarie Santiago, David H Ballard, Kenneth C Wang, William Weadock, Ciprian N Ionita, Dimitrios Mitsouras, Jonathan Morris, Jane Matsumoto, Andy Christensen, Peter Liacouras…
    Citation:3D Printing in Medicine 2018 4:11
    Published on: 

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