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Let Harvard Men's Health Watch look out for your health.

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MEN — What Should YOU Do?

  • For back pain... Beware of the false promises of risky, often unnecessary surgery.
  • For prostate protection... Discover new and better testing methods than PSA testing for prostate cancer.
  • For better strength and balance... Simple at-home exercises can keep you strong and healthy.
  • For a healthier heart... Experts’ top healing foods can keep your arteries clear and your heartbeat stable.
  • For memory protection... Discover a step-by-step method — plus surprising memory-guarding foods.
We’re asked to make a lot of decisions about our health these days.
Like should you have spinal fusion surgery for a painful back? (No.) Is there an erectile dysfunction drug that’s less likely than others to cause unfortunate side effects? (Yes.) Should you take a “joint support supplement” for achy arthritic hands? (No.)
But how can you be confident that you’re making the right decisions? Who can you trust? Which advice or product hurts more than helps? Will it do anything at all?
I’ve got a simple 4-word answer for you: Harvard Men’s Health Watch.
Thousands of men turn to this positive, practical newsletter every month because they know that it will help them make the most informed, intelligent, and beneficial decisions for the large and small health decisions they face.
Harvard Health Publications
Our approach is simple. We give you the straight-up facts you need to confidently make your way through misleading advertisements...conflicting advice...and even incorrect advice, no matter how well-intentioned it may be. That’s because every word in our newsletter is supported by the latest and best research and backed by the unparalleled expertise at Harvard Medical School. So no matter what type of decision you have before matter what question you may have about your health (even ticklish ones that you may be embarrassed to ask your doctor about) — our health experts are here for you.
For example...
  • “My blood pressure is 150/90 mm. Do I need to go on medication?” It depends on your age. “While 140/90 may still be more beneficial, it must be balanced against the potential side effects of medication, especially with the elderly,” says a Harvard physician.
  • “Can vitamin E therapy help slow Alzheimer’s decline?” Maybe. Among men with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease, high-dose vitamin E slowed their decline more than the Alzheimer’s drug memantine. According to the researchers, it could “noticeably prolong” a person’s ability to do simple tasks.
  • “What’s the best drug for erectile dysfunction?” Viagra has been on the market the longest, but the latest entry in the field may have fewer side effects than the other drugs.
  • “What’s the best treatment for narrowed neck arteries (carotid stenosis)?”According to a study of 1,700 men and women, surgery to remove artery-clogging plaque and angioplasty with placement of a stent prevented disabling strokes equally well.
  • “Is it safe to sit in a hot tub if I have a heart condition?” Despite warning signs to the contrary, there is no convincing evidence that soaking in hot water harms men with heart disease.
  • “There are two drugs to treat age-related macular degeneration. Which drug is best?” Recent evidence shows that the cheaper treatment (Avastin) is just as safe and effective as a more expensive option (Lucentis) for this common form of age-related vision loss.
Unlike many other health publications, we’ll NEVER water down our health news.
The Harvard Men’s Health Watch zeroes in on specific health issues that concern men, and spells out the whole truth...the pros and cons of treatment — and the supporting credible research — so you can make the best choices for your health and medical care.
Harvard Health Publications
You’ll appreciate the level of practical detail — and the simple, straightforward way it is presented — month after month.
Our name is also our promise:
We’re watching out for your health!
No matter what your health concern, the Harvard Men’s Health Watch has you covered. With an average of 10 articles per issue, that’s 120 specific, man-focused articles per year covering health topics like these:
Heart health...macular degeneration...prostate cancer...brain training...blood sugar problems...strength training...healthy eating...persistent constipation...atrial fibrillation...erectile dysfunction...high cholesterol...screening tests for men...high blood cancer...insomnia...plantar fasciitis...vitamin and mineral supplements... heart medications...restless legs syndrome...therapeutic massage...anxiety...depression...headache...joint replacement...mobility and balance...exercise and fitness...digestive health...thyroid diseases...dizziness...urinary leakage...drug side effects...male bone loss...
And here’s something else you should know about...
Our editor, William Kormos, M.D., has an uncanny ability to translate science and medicine into everyday language. That means you’ll be able to quickly understand even complex medical issues — and be able to confidently act on what you discover.
Harvard Health Publications
Better still, Dr. Kormos has the vast resources of Harvard Medical School — 12,000 doctors and researchers — at his fingertips so he can bring you the most credible, accurate, and useful health information available anywhere. For example:
  • Urinary leakage? Discover the best treatments for “gotta go” problems.
  • Hearing troubles? Find out what to do before you go shopping for a hearing aid.
  • Sore neck? Discover simple exercises that can help relieve pain and may help reduce future flare-ups.
  • Persistent constipation? Don’t play laxative roulette...especially since some laxatives can be dangerous if taken long term.
  • Tired of heartburn pills? See how you may be able to taper off your medications.
  • Aching knees? Find out about symptoms that may mean you need a knee replacement.
  • Back pain agony? Learn what to do before even thinking about getting a potentially risky steroid shot.
You’ll also get details on how to help PREVENT a wide range of common health problems, from heart disease and stroke to back problems, memory loss, stress-related problems, and more.
Plus, you’ll appreciate the fact that there is positively no advertising in the Harvard Men’s Health Watch. Our newsletter is not beholden to advertisers for drugs, diets, or “healthy living” merchandise. There’s nothing standing between you and the news you need to know.
Try the Harvard Men’s Health Watch risk free and download the current issue immediately!
Simply click here to start your subscription and you’ll receive 12 issues of the Harvard Men’s Health Watch delivered each month to your email box. Try a subscription with no risk at all. If you’re ever dissatisfied with Harvard Men’s Health Watch for any reason, cancel your service and you’ll receive a full refund. That’s right, every penny will be returned to you, no questions asked.
Jeffrey Berk
Harvard Men’s Health Watch

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