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Is kidney disease worse for women?

Is kidney disease worse for women?

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Is CKD Worse for Women?

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is more common in women than men, but fewer women are on dialysis—the treatment used when CKD has progressed to kidney failure.
One reason is that CKD progresses more slowly in women, so they don’t need dialysis as soon as men. But awareness may play an even bigger role; women are less likely to know they have moderate to severe CKD, so they start dialysis later or receive no dialysis at all. 
World Kidney Day 2018 (March 8) focuses on increasing women’s CKD awareness so they can get treatment when it’s needed and improve their kidney health. March is also National Kidney Month, time to put a kidney checkup on the calendar if you’re at risk for CKD. Find out more about CKD and tips to keep your kidneys healthy.

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