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Bioethics Observatory Contraceptive pills thromboembolic side effect. Which of them presents these negative side effects to a larger extent

Bioethics Observatory Contraceptive pills thromboembolic side effect. Which of them presents these negative side effects to a larger extent

Bioethics Observatory Organ transplant commercialized figures are increasing worldwide.Black market and transplant tourism

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1/3/ 2018


It is a global health priority to reduce thromboembolic episodes for that reason contraceptive pills thromboembolic side effect is a relevant factor risk

Oral contraceptives thromboembolic side effects . Which of them do present negative side effects to a larger extent?

The fact that oral contraceptives have negative medical effects is known , especially the production of thrombi (or blood clots), in both the venous and arterial systems. We evaluate which of them presents more risks … Read more.
Is it possible to conceive a human person merely with a consciousness that detects eidetic contents within himself? Blade runners replicants myth

Blade Runner movie. Are the replicants human beings?

Inability of the humans to control their "bio creations" Thirty-five years have passed since the first part of the Blade Runner sequel premiered in 1982. Since then, a multitude of questions has been asked based on this story that still troubles the mind. Because, despite the fact that the dystopian reality of this film takes place in the year 2019, … Read more.


Embryo selection discrimination, discarding embryos to reduce multiples pregnancy when could choose the most suitable gametes is not an ethical practice

Ethical problems relative to IVF "embryo selection" to avoid multiple pregnancies

A recent article published in Fertility and Sterility affirms that, in the last four decades, some advances have been made in the pregnancy rate obtained by in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, this apparent success is accompanied by the disadvantage…
Its is failing in clinical medicine but iPS cells current use is revolutionizing disciplines in developmental biology, neuroscience, cardiology, hepatology

For now, iPS cells have revolutionized the laboratory bench more than bedside

In a recent article, Amélie Rezza discussed the current use of iPS cells, understanding as such adult cells reprogrammed following a technique discovered by Yamanaka. The idea was to differentiate iPS cells from the adult cells of a particular… Read more.
Body parts traffic has been described as a great atrocity by prominent American celebrities. The biggest scandal by an institution supported by State

FBI continues to investigate the magnitude of organ sales of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is selling body parts of aborted babies for commercial purposes, which may go against US state and federal laws, as well as being an inhuman practice…
Neutral gender banned form civil French documents because the "distinction between male and female is a cornerstone of the social and legal organization"

French Supreme Court ban the assignment of "neutral gender" as sex civil identification

"The distinction between male and female is a cornerstone of the social and legal organization" determined  The French Supreme Court, the highest state judicial authority in France, banned… Read more.


Organ transplant commercialized based on "transplant tourism" increasing black market in western countries and organs removed without the person’s knowledge

10% of worldwide transplants are commercialized

According to WHO report mostly transplant tourism and organs black-market
Euthanasia activists advocates want to extend it for simple psychological suffering. They call it euthanasia for psychological reasons

Belgian healthcare professionals rebel against euthanasia for psychological suffering 

Calling for a national debate on euthanasia and mental illness The snowball of euthanasia in countries where it is legal is increasingly expanding the boundaries of the culture of death… Read more.
Circumcision medical ethical approach The controversy stems from the hypothetical medical benefits of infant circuncision surgical procedure and children who can't give consent

Concerning infant circumcision. Only in the U.S.A. 58% 

It does not seem ethically correct to subject boys to a circumcision surgical. This  procedure is considered "questionable, unproven and irrelevant"  by an independent international panel published by B.M.J.… 
15 million premature infants by year. It's an issue to be urgently resolved This case helps to better understand preterm infants life expectations

Infant born at 21 weeks  healthy survives when it was suggested that she should not be resuscitated

The case of these children is another ray of hope for early premature infants life expectations…
pregnant woman term questioned

Pregnant woman term banned by UN. Failure to do so could be considered homophobic

Unquestionably the "male" transsexual who became pregnant is a biological and genetical woman.   But Human Rights Comission… Read more.
Each year 1000 surrogate children registered in Spain.Surrogacy is not legal in so those who want to use with a surrogate mother must go abroad

Nearly 1000 children born through surrogacy are registered in Spain each year

The Swiss-based International Social Security Association estimates that every year, surrogate mothers give birth to around 20,000 children worldwide. Surrogate children …

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