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Rib Plating Repairs Crushed Chest - Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.

Rib Plating Repairs Crushed Chest - Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.


Severely broken ribs can puncture lungs, hinder breathing, and cause severe pain. At one time, some patients needed to use “iron” lungs. New techniques are improving some patients’ ability to recover and lead normal lives

A problem with the lymphatic system caused life-threatening problems for this child, before she was even born. But doctors used one novel treatment to plug the leaks in her system and save her life

Scientists say they’ve come up with a way to show type two diabetics just how exercise can help them maintain healthy blood sugar levels. And it’s not only educational, but motivational. It’s getting patients moving, too

What happens when a very thin bone in the skull is missing? Brain fluid can leak right into the ear, causing ear infections among other problems. Recently, two doctors designed a new surgical approach to fix it

A special organic paper that helps repair and rebuild tissue, muscle and organs? After a small accidental spill in the research lab, scientists developed a biologic product that may someday soon help doctors heal patients.


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