martes, 16 de enero de 2018

What should I ask my doctor during a check-up?

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Asking questions is key to good communication with your doctor. Be proactive and ask your doctor to define words or instructions that may be unclear. You can also ask about:
  • Medical tests - Before having a medical test, ask your doctor to explain why it is important, what it will show, and what it will cost. Also ask how long it takes to get results and how you'll be notified.
  • A diagnosis - A diagnosis identifies your disease or physical problem based on your symptoms and the results of exams and other tests. Ask the doctor to tell you the name of the condition and why he or she thinks you have it. Ask how it may affect you and how long it might last.
  • Your medications - Make sure you know the name of the drug and understand why it has been prescribed for you. Ask the doctor to write down how often and for how long you should take it. Make notes about any other special instructions. If you are taking other medications, herbs, or supplements, make sure your doctor knows what they are, so he or she can prevent harmful drug interactions.
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Talk to your doctor! Asking questions is key to good communication with your doctor. Make sure you understand why you are getting certain medical tests, what your diagnosis is, and why your doc has prescribed you meds. Learn more:

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