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Understanding Depression - Harvard Health

Understanding Depression - Harvard Health

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Don’t let depression rob you of life’s joys.

Discover 12 strategies to break the chains of depression and free yourself to live every day to the fullest!

Understanding Depression
Inside Understanding Depression, you'll discover:
What is depression?
Causes of depression
Diagnosing depression
Seeking treatment
Finding the right medication
Brain and nerve stimulation therapies
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Depression can sap joy from life. It can leave you out of touch. But, as never before, help — and happiness — are within reach.
A breakthrough report that will make you smile — again.
In this Special Health Report, Harvard doctors share 12 strategies to dispel the symptoms of depression. These are strategies that will rekindle optimism and self-esteem, renew your energy and enthusiasm, and reconnect you with the people and pursuits you love most.
Depression is treatable — and beatable!
As never before, doctors have the tools to address major depression, persistent depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. You’ll learn how today’s advances can shatter depression’s grip and help you — or a loved one — regain purpose, happiness and peace-of-mind.
You’ll meet the strategies that can change your way of thinking!
The most effective strategies for depression often combine drugs and therapy. You’ll get clear explanations of the three leading therapies and unbiased evaluations of more than 40 prescription medications.
You’ll be introduced to a behavioral therapy that outperforms many medications. You’ll find how the leading antidepressants compare. You’ll learn which mood stabilizer is most effective for bipolar disorder, and what supportive psychotherapy is best for resolving the grief of a recent loss.
A dozen strategies with one goal.
Edited by Harvard doctors who are practicing physicians, the report will help you work with your own doctor to select the best approach for you. You’ll be able to assess which strategies offer you the most promise, whether to use a single strategy or complementary strategies in tandem.
Not only will you be briefed on drugs and psychotherapy, but you’ll discover an emerging therapy that doesn’t give you time to be depressed, the two best exercises to lift the weight of depression — an often overlooked therapy with a 90% response rate — and even six foods that can improve your mood.
Don’t let depression steal another day. Send for your copy of Understanding Depressionnow.
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To your good health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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