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Take the First Step for Campus Safety

Take the First Step for Campus Safety

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Don't forget to ask about campus safety.

One in five undergraduate women are sexually assaulted in college. That’s one too many.
Every student should feel safe on campus. Here’s what students, administrators, faculty, staff and coaches should know to “Take the First Step” against sexual assault this National Campus Safety Awareness Month:
Preventing sexual assault on campus is a community effort. Work together to develop and implement a comprehensive prevention program.
Schools should consider teaching consent and healthy relationship/communication skills throughout the academic year, institute stricter intolerance policies on assault, and make it clear that sexual assault has no place in higher education.
Students should be encouraged to speak up if they see someone at risk for sexual assault.  If they see someone at risk for assault, they can help prevent it by using the C.A.R.E. bystander intervention technique: Create a distraction, Ask the person directly, Refer to an authority like a resident assistant or security guard, and Enlist others’ help.  
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