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June Diabetes at Work E-News

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JULY 2017
UV Safety Month
National Immunization Awareness Month
Fruit and Veggies Month

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Men's Health Month
Men often find it uncomfortable to discuss their health. Although it can be a tough conversation, it's especially important for men with diabetes to communicate with their health care team on how to manage their diabetes.
For Men's Health Month, employers can take action by sharing the questions and resources below to help men who have diabetes or who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
How does smoking impact my diabetes?
What healthy food choices can I make?
What are my ABCs (A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol)? What steps can I take to improve my numbers?
Am I at risk for diabetes?
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June Is Employee Well-being Month
Employee Well-being Month spotlights the workplace's role in creating healthy employees. It highlights how a healthy company culture can drive employee productivity and engagement. Encourage your employees to make healthy choices. Visit the Employee Well-being Month website and Diabetes at Work to learn more about developing an engaged and healthy workforce.
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Answers to diabetes in the workplace questions
What are some ways we can help employees with diabetes stay safe while working or playing in the summer heat?
People with diabetes, as well as those without, can be safe in outdoor heat and humidity by taking certain precautions. Pass on this summer safety article and checklist to help employees with diabetes, as well as those without, stay safe while working or playing in the sun.
2017 Summer Checklist
Drink plenty of water
Keep medicines and medical equipment out of the heat
Wear loose, light clothing
Use sunscreen

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