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June 26-30 is Mosquito Awareness Week! Explore Our Vector Resources.

June 26-30 is Mosquito Awareness Week! Explore Our Vector Resources.

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Mosquito Season Is Upon Us: CDC’s New Vector Control Training Can Help

Read this blog from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists to learn about a new training from CDC and partners, Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals. Course topics include
  • Vector-borne diseases, integrated pest management basics, pesticide toxicology.
  • Performance assessment and improvement for vector control programs.
  • Biology and control of bed bugs, ticks, rodents, and mosquitoes.
  • Vector control and pest management in specific locations like schools, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Risk communication.

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Tools To Drive Quality Improvement of Vector Control Services

June 2017 JEH Column Screenshot
Quality improvement efforts are important for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental health programs and activities. In this column, LCDR Justin Gerding from CDC and Vanessa Lamers from Public Health Foundation discuss how a population health driver diagram can capture and detail specific activities necessary to address community health objectives. This article was published in the June 2017 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health.

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Vector Control Resources for Environmental Health

More Vector Control resources for Environmental health professionals
Use these resources to improve the capacity of your program to control vectors and prevent vectorborne diseases.

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