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InFLUential News: National Immunization Awareness Month

InFLUential News: National Immunization Awareness Month

Influential News

Creating connection for flu vaccination
in Augusta, GA

Dr. Beulah Nash-Teachey
Dr. Beulah Nash-Teachey
For Dr. Beulah Nash-Teachey, increasing the flu vaccination rate for African Americans in Augusta, GA, is a personal mission she brings to her work with community organizations.
She encourages members of her professional nurses sorority, Chi Eta Phi, to educate patients through health work, organizes flu vaccination events as the Georgia NAACP Health Chair, and informs members of her church—Tabernacle Baptist Church—about the flu.
Identifying with someone you know that gets the flu shot has great importance in building trust, says Nash-Teachey on the power of personal advocacy. Dr. Nash-Teachey has been an active NIVDP partner since 2012, providing trusted leadership within her network.
The women’s support group at Tabernacle Baptist Church highlights a health issue each month. This past winter, one topic was flu. Based on follow-up conversations, many church group members chose to get flu vaccinations.
Dr. Nash-Teachey encouraged members of the Chi Eta Phi Sorority to display CDC flu vaccination posters in their clinics to highlight the importance of flu vaccination for patients.
Chi Eta Phi Sorority sister, Victoria Burt, makes flu vaccination a priority as a nurse practitioner for University Hospital Pulmonary Critical Care in Augusta, GA. In addition to posting CDC’s flu vaccination posters, Burt instructs her staff to note in patient charts whether they have had an annual flu vaccination, recommends flu vaccination to her patients, and follows up with them on return visits to see if they received a flu vaccine.
“We focus on helping people overcome the fear of getting a vaccination based on what they’ve heard from other people,” says Burt. “We take time to educate the patient.”
For NIVDP partners in Augusta, these one-on-one conversations help spread the word about the benefits of flu vaccination.
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Promote flu vaccination

Display posters and offer handouts geared toward Spanish-speaking and African American populations at your workplace and in your community.

University of Nevada campuses compete in the Nevada Flu Vaccine Challenge

Mascot in a wolf costume wearing a basketball jersey with Nevada 1/2 printed on it has his arm around a young woman wearing a shirt that says Team Vaccine
The University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Pack mascot, Wolfie Jr., promotes flu vaccination with Immunize Nevada
The University of Nevada, Reno Wolf Pack and University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels competed in the first Nevada Flu Vaccine Challenge to see which school’s student body, faculty, alumni, and fans would get the most flu vaccinations this flu season.
Immunize Nevada coordinated with the athletic department at each school to execute the event. Flu vaccination messages were presented on Immunize Nevada’s and each team’s social media channels and through reader board commercials during games. Immunize Nevada offered flu vaccinations at a basketball game at each school, as well.
Advertisements directed fans to a website with information about where to get vaccinated. Each school would earn points if fans noted they had received a flu vaccination this season. Participants were also entered into drawings for prizes, including a signed Wolf Pack basketball and movie tickets.This event shared numerous messages about the importance of getting a flu vaccination, and together, participants from both schools recorded 300 flu vaccinations.
"For the first year, we were very happy with the response," said Mary Skau, Immunize Nevada’s communications manager.
Immunize Nevada awarded the UNR Wolf Pack a plaque this month for winning the challenge. The event will be repeated during the 2017-18 flu season.
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Challenge your community

Use these promotions and resources for inspiration and to plan your own challenge. Think beyond colleges and universities—competitors could be neighboring towns, businesses, fraternal organizations, or radio stations.

New animated graphic encourages African American millennials to get flu vaccinations

Do you serve African American communities? If so, our new animated graphic will help you communicate the health benefits of flu vaccination.
This colorful and culturally relevant animated graphic will capture your community’s attention and provide easy-to-follow actions regarding flu. Promote healthy habits and flu vaccination by sharing our animated graphic with your network.
The CDC animated graphic features African Americans of all ages: This flu season, protect yourself, your friends, and your community from the flu.

Lessons from the Field—Webinar recording

Learn about successful flu vaccination outreach programs from the experts. On April 20, the NIVDP hosted the webinar, "Lessons from the Field: Immunization Leaders Sharing Strategies to Protect Underserved Populations."
Watch the webinar recording to hear from immunization leaders about best practices for developing resources, engaging partners, and promoting flu vaccination activities.

Start Planning Fall Flu Immunization Events Now

By scheduling events, identifying community partners, recruiting volunteers, and securing venues now, you will:
  • Build strong relationships with partners
  • Be better positioned to request flu vaccination vouchers when they become available
  • Have time to plan promotions for your event to attract more participants
  • Identify potential problems before they happen and identify solutions
For some partners—like colleges and universities—the summer can be a difficult time to coordinate planning. Get ahead of the game and prepare for your fall flu events today.
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Get help planning your event

  • Check out the tip sheet "Organizing Flu Vaccination Promotion Events," (PDF, 530 KB, 2 pp) for tips and resources to successfully plan, promote, and document your event.
  • Contact NIVDP staff at nivdp@kauffmaninc.com for more information and assistance with vouchers, immunization event planning and reporting, communications materials, and more. We’re here to help you.

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