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BOADICEA - Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology

BOADICEA - Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology

University of Cambridge

The Breast and Ovarian Analysis of Disease Incidence and Carrier Estimation Algorithm (BOADICEA) is a computer program that is used to calculate the risks of breast and ovarian cancer in women based on their family history. It is also used to calculate the probability that they are carriers of cancer-associated mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. The latest version of BOADICEA (BWA v3) is described by Lee et al. (2013). You can run BOADICEA risk calculations using the BOADICEA Web ApplicationTo access this program, all you need is a BOADICEA is a user account, which you can setup online in a minutes hereTo date, more than 6000 healthcare professionals have registered to use BWA v3, based in more than 100 countries worldwide. In the United Kingdom, it is recommended as a risk assessment tool in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence clinical guideline CG164 and has been incorporated in the guidelines of several countries for the management of familial breast cancer. The BOADICEA Web Application is an example of translational research, where scientific software has been developed further for use by healthcare professionals. For technical reasons, the BOADICEA Web Application is not currently available to members of the public. If you are concerned about your family history of cancer you are advised to consult your GP. The program is available to health care providers as normal.
For further information on BOADICEA please contact Dr Alex Cunningham or Dr Antonis Antoniou.

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