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CDC Global Health - Infographics - World Malaria Day

CDC Global Health - Infographics - World Malaria Day

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Infographic: World Malaria Day

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World Malaria Day Infographic

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World Malaria Day: End Malaria for Good, April 25

Global Malaria

3.2B People: Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria
More than 2/3: of all malaria deaths are in children under 5

In 2015 Worldwide

214M Malaria Cases
438K Malaria Deaths


Compared to 2000: Annual number of global malaria deaths cut in half, saving 6.2M lives globally since 2001
Since 2005: More than 1B Antimalarial treatments (ACTs) and bed nets provided by global partners

CDC’s Impact

Providing scientific leadership in elimination science
Strengthening surveillance systems to provide data for decision-making
Supporting countries to scale up interventions through the President’s Malaria Initiative (with USAID)
Evaluation diagnostics, vaccines, and vector control tools to further drive down transmission and burden
Mitigating threats from drug and insecticide resistance to continued progress
Improving prevention and control of malaria in the United States

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