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Recognizing World Tuberculosis Day at BioMed Central

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Today BioMed Central is pleased to recognize World Tuberculosis Day 2017. The date is commemorated every year to mark Dr. Robert Koch's 1882 discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (TB). Despite continued progress, tuberculosis causes nearly 1.5 million deaths per year globally, mainly in developing countries.
BioMed Central has gathered together some of our most impactful research on TB on our World Tuberculosis Day page. We are also sharing featured articles, a spotlight on childhood tuberculosis, and a blog post on TB in Myanmar. We hope you enjoy the features below and encourage you to submit your next manuscript to one of our open access journals.

Featured Articles

Spotlight on Childhood Tuberculosis

This video summarizes research published in BMC Infectious Diseases on the significant mortality and morbidity caused by tuberculosis meningitis in Vietnamese children and the importance of improving the speed of diagnosis of this disease. Watch the video abstract here.

This thematic series, published in the journal Pneumonia, provides an overview of the global child tuberculosis burden and examines issues such as diagnosis, advances in treatment, and novel vaccination approaches.

Featured Blog
In this guest blog post, Dr Kyaw Thu Soe, author of research just published in Infectious Diseases of Poverty, tells us how in his home country of Myanmar, international non-governmental organizations are contributing to the national tuberculosis program by providing community-based tuberculosis care.

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