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News & Events > Spotlight on CDER Science

News & Events > Spotlight on CDER Science

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Spotlight on CDER Science

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major public health concern. It continues to affect millions of people worldwide each year, and a significant portion of these cases are resistant to first-line treatment. Moreover, current TB treatment is burdensome. Patients must take several drugs over the course of at least six months, and then be monitored for relapse for up to 18 months. In about one in 20 patients, the disease will return, but it is difficult to predict who is most at risk for relapse.
Measuring biological markers, or biomarkers, to track the course of a disease or a patient’s response to a drug is common in basic and clinical research, as well as in clinical practice. Biomarkers may allow for the evaluation of the effect of drugs more quickly without having to wait months or years for a measurable clinical outcome.
For more information, please visit: Tuberculosis Biorepository

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