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Rare Disease Day ® 2017 - Article

Rare Disease Day ® 2017 - Article



An enormous THANK YOU to all who took part in Rare Disease Day 2017!

The first Rare Disease Day, in 2008, was celebrated in 18 countries, almost all in Europe. In 2017, for the 10th edition of the day, Rare Disease Day events took place in 94 countries and regions on every corner of the globe, from islands such as Mauritius to large developing nations such as Botswana and Sudan. Just how dramatic the increase in awareness for rare diseases over the past 10 years has been, was made evident on Rare Disease Day this year, when the President of the United States of America made mention of it in his first speech to Congress.

Rare Disease Day 2017 Official Video

Rare Disease Day Events

Rare Disease Day Website

  • In the 2017 build-up to Rare Disease Day (01.01.17 – 27.02.17), the website received over a hundred thousand sessions, a 30% increase on the same period last year
  • On the day, tens of thousands of people visited the site

Social Media Success

Media Coverage

Now, we want to hear about your events and experiences on Rare Disease Day!
Upload your photos and videos onto our website and send us your press clippings and links to videos if you had any media coverage for our media page!
If you haven't uploaded your 'Raise and Join Hands' photos you still have time. 

More information on the 10th edition of Rare Disease Day

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