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DYK Today (24) is World TB Day

On World TB Day, CDC and partners #UniteToEndTB

Join CDC and partners as we unite to eliminate TB & slow the spread of drug-resistant TB.

Today, on World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, we’re reminded that TB is the world’s leading infectious disease killer. In addition to infecting two billion people worldwide, TB can also become drug-resistant, which means the drugs we rely on to treat the disease are no longer effective. Patients with drug-resistant TB are left with limited and often expensive treatment options.
2 billion people are infected with TB

While rates of drug-resistant TB remain low in the U.S, it is estimated that more than half a million cases occur globally each year and lead to approximately 200,000 deaths.

Drug-resistant TB is more difficult to cure and costly to patients, the economy, and the health system. And since TB is airborne and contagious, the spread of drug-resistant TB could “reawaken” TB in parts of the world where TB is currently less common, including the United States.

CDC is working to find, cure, and prevent TB in the United States and worldwide through the AR Solutions Initiative and global partnerships, leadership in research and technical expertise, and on-the-ground interventions in more than 25 countries.

3 Ways CDC is Combating Drug-Resistant TBThrough the AR Solutions Initiative, CDC is working to reduce rates of MDR-TB by 15%.
Developing new strategies to find and cure MDR-TB.
  • Extending TB medical exams and treatment overseas.
  • Exploring an increase in global impact by partnering with other agencies to include TB screening for additional visa categories, like students and healthcare workers.
 Establishing best practices for treatment of MDR-TB.
  • Evaluating use of smartphones and video to monitor patient treatment to ensure TB therapy is completed.
  • Creating a national TB stockpile to help with urgent TB drug shortages.
Strengthening surveillance to identify and target hot spots.
  • Increasing global technology for testing and treating TB to stop it at its source.
  • Working closely with partners in 25+ high-burden countries worldwide to strengthen TB control efforts.
Learn more about how CDC is combating drug-resistant TB at


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