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HAI/AR Prevention Programs | Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance | CDC

HAI/AR Prevention Programs | Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance | CDC

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HAI/AR Prevention Programs

The AR Solutions Initiative provides critical support to combat AR. Use the Antibiotic Resistance Investment Map to learn how CDC is investing in your area to combat AR by implementing more empowered HAI/AR Prevention Programs.
State HAI/AR Prevention Programs Infographic

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Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Solutions Initiative: State HAI/AR Prevention Programs

With State Healthcare-Associated Infections and Antibiotic Resistance (HAI/AR) Prevention Programs, healthcare facilities and public health work together to better prevent infections and protect patients.

Lack of prevention coordination between facilities can put patients at increased risk of infection.

  • Patients can be transferred between healthcare facilities for treatment without communication or necessary infection control actions in place.
  • Germs can spread within and between healthcare facilities, so precautions must be in place at facilities transferring and receiving patients to stop spread.
  • Even as some facilities work independently to improve infection control, they may not be alerted to resistant threats occurring in other facilities or outbreaks in the area.

Work together to better detect outbreaks, prevent infections, and improve prescribing.

With a coordinated approach, healthcare facilities and public health authorities share information and implement targeted infection prevention and control actions.

The Coordinated Approach

Public health departments will
  • Use HAI/AR data to target infection prevention and outbreak control
  • Enhance communication between facilities for patient transfer
  • Improve infection control, prevention, and antibiotic stewardship across healthcare and communities
Healthcare facilities will
  • Use CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network and other data systems to track resistance, antibiotic use, and to target prevention
  • Share information and work with local public health authorities to prevent and control infections
  • Send isolates to the AR Lab Network to identify outbreaks and emerging threats health authorities
CDC will continue to
  • Detect, track, and control outbreaks
  • Promote infection prevention and appropriate antibiotic use
  • Detect AR by providing gold-standard laboratory methods and isolates that support development of new diagnostics

When healthcare facilities and public health work together, we can protect patients and slow antibiotic resistance.

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