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GeneGnome XRQ Chemiluminescence Imaging System from Syngene : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

GeneGnome XRQ Chemiluminescence Imaging System from Syngene : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy


GeneGnome XRQ Chemiluminescence Imaging System from Syngene

GeneGnome XRQ Chemiluminescence Imaging System from Syngene
The new GeneGnome XRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging. This system is built for high performance and automation and now features a next generation high quantum efficiency Syngene CCD camera for even greater sensitivity. A very simple set-up process means a single ‘click’ will automatically capture a quality image of any Western blot .
Western blot imaging has never been so easy than with the GeneGnome XRQ. The system automatically selects the right imaging conditions for any blot irrespective of the chemiluminescent reagents being used. All chemiluminescence applications can easily be handled by the GeneGnome XRQ and can produce superb images even from the faintest of signals.
The compact instrument sits on any laboratory bench taking up very little space. The GeneGnome XRQ is available in three variants
  • GeneGnome XRQ complete with monitor and built-in processor
  • GeneGnome XRQ NM complete with built-in processor but no monitor (use own monitor)
  • GeneGnome XRQ NPC with no monitor or built-in processor (use own monitor and computer)
The system comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.

Why buy this product?

Optimised - for imaging chemiluminescence Western blots
GeneGnome XRQ is configured for maximum sensitivity to ensure even the faintest band on a blot can be captured.
Sensitive cooled camera
The high quantum efficiency cooled CCD camera is very sensitive to low level light emissions from a blot. The peltier cooled camera has exceptional ‘signal to noise’ performance resulting in virtually undetectable background noise.
The short ‘camera to sample’ distance further enhances the ability to work with chemiluminescence samples and reagents. When compared to film, the GeneGnome XRQ has more than double the dynamic range. This allows for extremely accurate quantification.
Small footprint
The GeneGnome XRQ has a very small footprint and takes up minimal bench space. The automatic slide-out drawer allows easy sample handling.
The fixed aperture and focus of the lens results in a very simple set-up procedure making image capture as simple as a click of a mouse button.
The GeneGnome XRQ really is the complete package. Just plug in a monitor, mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go.


Image resolution (pixels m)
Effective resolution (pixels m)    
16 bit
Quantum efficiency @ 425 nm
Cooling regulated (degrees)
-57 C
Lens (motor driven)
Fixed f0.95
Use with external PC
Epi LED white lights

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