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CDC - Colorectal Awareness Feature

CDC - Colorectal Awareness Feature

Featured Resources

Screen for Life Basic Facts on Screening fact sheet
Our Screen for Life Basic Facts on Screening fact sheet[PDF-396KB] explains in simple terms how screening tests can save your life.
Colorectal cancer quiz
Do you know the facts about colorectal cancer? Take CDC’s Screen for Life quiz!
Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Optimizing Quality
These continuing education courses provide guidance and tools for clinicians on the optimal ways to implement screening for colorectal cancer.
No Excuses poster
Our “No Excuses” poster[PDF-7.7MB] responds to four people who think they don’t need colorectal cancer screening.
Vital Signs logo
The “Have You Been Tested for Colorectal Cancer?” podcast explains that you can choose from three screening tests.
Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives brochure
Our Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives brochure[PDF-7.8MB]provides detailed screening information.
Photo of Doctor Djenaba Joseph in Medscape Expert Commentary video
This Medscape video explains how doctors can increase colorectal cancer screening rates.
Photo of Terrence Howard
In this video, Terrence Howard shares how his mother’s death from colon cancer affected his family.
Article about colorectal cancer
This formatted, ready-to-print article about colorectal cancer[PDF-67KB] is free to use in any publication.

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