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Stronger Together—Community-Level Approaches to Disaster Behavioral Health

Stronger Together—Community-Level Approaches to Disaster Behavioral Health


Supplemental Research Bulletin:

Stronger Together—Selected Community-Level Approaches to Disaster Behavioral Health

Being part of a community is key to recovery and wellness. Building strong, inclusive communities may enhance the resilience of individual residents, and community-level approaches may help disaster survivors cope with stress and return to usual levels of functioning after a disaster.
This issue of the Supplemental Research Bulletin travels across the United States and through all stages of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in examining community-level approaches to disaster behavioral health. While not meant to be comprehensive, the issue zeroes in on approaches that exemplify the benefits of a community-level approach, looking at research on how they are structured and how effective they are. It covers the following:
  • A project in Los Angeles to develop and enhance resilience
  • The Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program, through which the federal government supports states, territories, and tribes in providing behavioral health services in disaster-affected communities
  • PsySTART, an approach to identifying levels of need in different communities after disasters to help programs allocate resources
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