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blog.aids.gov − EEOC Files 2 HIV-related Employment Discrimination Suits

blog.aids.gov − EEOC Files 2 HIV-related Employment Discrimination Suits

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EEOC logoThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), one of the federal agencies engaged in implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, recently announced that it has filed two HIV discrimination lawsuits. EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws against employment discrimination.
The suits allege two Texas employers violated federal law by engaging in disability-related discrimination based on HIV status. The Strategy calls for federal agencies to address and prevent employment-related discrimination against people living with HIV. The cases are examples of how the EEOC enforces federal laws to ensure that qualified people are not wrongfully deprived of an opportunity to earn a living simply because of their HIV status.
Read the EEOC news releases:
Nightclub and Party Venue Illegally Fired Disabled Employee After Making an Unlawful Medical Inquiry Based on HIV Hearsay
Nursing Home Fired a Certified Nurse Assistant When He Disclosed He Was HIV-Positive, Federal Agency Charged

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