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July 20: Fighting Hepatitis and HIV in Minority Communities

July 20: Fighting Hepatitis and HIV in Minority Communities

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Webinar Series: Fighting Hepatitis and HIV Co-infection in Minority Communities

Hepatitis and HIV co-infection is a major concern among many racial and ethnic minority groups in the U.S. Prevention and education efforts are hindered by many challenges, including stigma, language barriers, cultural competency and knowledge among providers, and access to services in hard-to-reach communities.
The Office of Minority Health Resource Center's new webinar series is designed to help health professionals, agencies and clinics get past these challenges and address the rising rates of hepatitis and HIV co-infection in their communities. The five-part webinar series examines the current state of hepatitis and HIV among minority groups, as well as best practices for culturally and linguistically appropriate testing and outreach efforts. 

This webinar will address Hepatitis C in African American communities, epidemiology and strategies to increase awareness and engagement.

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