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Your last chance to support BioEdge

May 25, 2016

Dear friend of BioEdge,

This is our last reminder about supporting BioEdge! But you can still help turn up the wattage on our beacon of common sense and straight thinking on bioethical issues.

If you have already given, please take this as another expression of our heartfelt appreciation - and tell your friends about us.

ALL donations, of whatever size, are gratefully received. To send a donation via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or snail mail, just click on either of these links:

Click here to make a one-off donation:

Click here to make regular monthly donations:

If you pay taxes in the United States, your donation will be tax exempt if you give to our US partner, The Waterstone Group. Send your PayPal donation to bioedge@thewaterstonegroup.org.

Or mail a check with a note saying "Help BioEdge", to:

     The WaterStone Group
     420 Lexington Avenue,
     Suite 300
     New York, NY 10170

If you work in an institution, we can also issue an invoice as documentation.

And don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues about BioEdge.

Michael Cook
BioEdge: bioethics news from around the world
New Media Foundation | Level 2, 5 George St | North Strathfield NSW 2137 | AUSTRALIA | +61 2 8005 8605

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