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Working Together to Improve Adult Literacy

Working Together to Improve Adult Literacy


Many states face the same health literacy challenges because of low adult literacy levels. Collaborations across public health, health care, and adult literacy allow organizations to share ideas, information and resources. Here are examples of two states with coalitions that include health and adult literacy:
  • Florida Literacy Coalition provides resources for local adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and family literacy programs so that students have the skills to make informed choices about their health and nutrition.
  • Wisconsin Health Literacy partnered with the University Of Wisconsin School Of Pharmacy to explore new patient-centered medication label standards. Complex label language and layouts can be a problem for adults with low literacy skills.

For more tools and resources that can help improve communication with adults, please visit the CDC Health Literacywebsite.

Also, check out the Clear Communication Index! A research-based tool that helps you develop and assess communication materials for your intended audience.

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