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NIAID Funding News -- NIAID Research Funding

NIAID Funding News -- NIAID Research Funding

NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

May 4, 2016 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

The Path to Phase II: Understanding Phased Awards

You’ve probably been hearing more talk lately about phased awards, which may have caused you to wonder what they are and how they work. Read on for some of the basics surrounding phased innovation awards.

Opportunities and Resources

Small Businesses: Improve HIV Envelope Protein Expression, Yield, and Purification

If your small business can improve expression, yield, and rapid purification for multiple HIV envelope immunogen components, you may be the ideal candidate for a Phase I, Phase II, or Fast-Track grant through funding opportunities for Small Business Innovation Research or Small Business Technology Transfer.

A New Opportunity to Advance HIV Therapeutic Vaccine Science

Do you have an interest in understanding the links between vaccine regimens, immune responses, and HIV virologic control? If so, look no further.

Help Improve Anti-HIV Dosing Intervals by Discovering and Identifying Sustained Release Products

We will fund research projects to identify existing anti-HIV molecules or discover new, highly potent, selective anti-HIV small molecules with potential relevance to extending dosing intervals.

In The News

The "Nature" of Appeals

A recent item in Nature titled "Under Appeal" may have caught your eye and gotten you thinking that appealing peer review results might be, well, appealing. You may want to think again.

You Will Still Use Cover Letters, but Not for Assignment Requests

In March, we told you that "Policy Changes Accompany the FORMS-D Changeover." One of those changes, the new PHS Assignment Request Form, merits further discussion.

News Briefs

Advice Corner

Just for "U": A Closer Look at Cooperative Agreements

You've probably come across funding opportunity announcements that use activity codes starting with a "U," for example, U01 and U19. Here's some information you may find helpful.

Reader Questions

New Funding Opportunities

See other announcements at NIAID Funding Opportunities List.
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