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NEW FOA: Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention for States Program Supplement

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Funding to expand opioid overdose prevention program
CDC is expanding state opioid overdose prevention efforts through a new supplement funding opportunity Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention for States Program Supplement, CDC-RFA-CE15-15010201SUPP16.
Opioid overdose deaths have quadrupled in the US since 1999, killing more than 28,000 in 2014. Research indicates two distinct but interrelated trends: a 15-year increase in overdose deaths involving prescription opioids, and a recent surge in heroin-related overdose deaths. CDC’s Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention for States (PfS) Program provides state health departments with resources and support needed to implement interventions to save lives from opioid overdose.
CDC released the Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention for States Program Supplement on May 26th to support the fight against the opioid overdose epidemic at the state level. CDC will fund approximately 10 state health departments up to $1,000,000 for this one-year initiative. The purpose of this supplement is to support state health departments to initiate, expand, or enhance the strategies identified in the original PfS Program. These strategies include:
  • Enhance and maximize a state prescription drug monitoring program
  • Implement community or insurer/health system interventions
  • Conduct policy evaluations
  • Develop and implement Rapid Response Projects
Funds may be used for opioid prevention efforts that focus on prescription or illicit opioids, such as heroin and fentanyl. Only state health departments currently funded for the PfS Program are eligible to apply. Applications are due on June 27, 2016.
For further details or to apply, visit the Injury Center Funding Opportunity Announcement web page.
To learn more about state opioid overdose prevention, visit the Injury Center Opioid Overdose State Information web page.

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