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Fogarty International Center

Fogarty International Center

Funding news for global health researchers and partners from Fogarty at NIH

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On behalf of the Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the following funding opportunities, notices and announcements may be of interest to those working in the field of global health research. Updates are typically distributed once a week.

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Funding Opportunities

NIH funding opportunities focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.
NIH funding opportunities for which foreign organizations, foreign components of U.S. organizations and/or other foreign components may apply.
  • Preclinical Research on Model Organisms to Predict Treatment Outcomes for Disorders Associated with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (R01) (PAR-16-215)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • Outcome Measures for Use in Treatment Trials of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (R01) (PAR-16-216)
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates apply
  • National Cancer Institute Pediatric Provocative Questions (R21) (PAR-16-217)and (R01) (PAR-16-218) 
    Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): June 30, 2016; November 24, 2016; June 23, 2017; November 24, 2017
    More about NCI's Provocative Questions Initiative.
Information related to opportunities from other organizations focusing on global health and foreign collaboration.
  • ASTDA Development Awards from the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association (ASTDA) encourage new investigators to pursue careers in STD research. The award is open to Ph.D. or M.D. investigators at U.S. institutions who have recently achieved faculty rank, and persons who are making the transition from postdoctoral training to faculty-level appointments at U.S. sites.
    Application deadline: July 1, 2016

Funding News

NIH funding news that may be relevant to global health researchers.
  • Request for Information (RFI): Availability of Existing Longitudinal Cohort Studies with Physiologic Datasets and Stored Biospecimens for Use in Linked Cohort Designs (NOT-AG-16-019)
  • Request for Information (RFI): Input on Present and Future Funding Strategies for NIDCD Drug Development Projects (NOT-DC-16-003)
  • Notice to Extend and Update Scientific/Research Contact for PA-13-183 "Addressing Health Disparities in NIDDK Diseases (R01)" (NOT-DK-16-017)
    Note: The FOA seeks to encourage research in the following high priority diseases within the scientific mission areas of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK): Diabetes, obesity, nutrition-related disorders, hepatitis C, gallbladder disease, H. Pylori infection, sickle cell disease, kidney diseases, urologic diseases, hematologic diseases, metabolic, gastrointestinal, hepatic and renal complications from infection with HIV.

Upcoming Deadlines

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