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NHLBI Funding & Research Opportunities and Announcements for August 4, 2015

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Funding and Research Opportunities

The following funding opportunity announcements from the NHLBI or other components of the National Institutes of Health, might be of interest:

Notices:Guidance on Changes That Involve Human Subjects in Active Awards and That Will Require Prior NIH Approval: Updated Notice(NOT-OD-15-128) National Institutes of Health
Prior NIH Approval of Human Subjects Research in Active Awards Initially Submitted without Definitive Plans for Human Subjects Involvement (Delayed Onset Awards): Updated Notice(NOT-OD-15-129) National Institutes of Health|
Findings of Research Misconduct(NOT-OD-15-131) National Institutes of Health
Subscribe to Receive NIH eRA Service Information(NOT-OD-15-132) National Institutes of Health
Notice to Modify RFA-RM-13-006 "NIH Pioneer Award Program (DP1)" regarding the Award Budget, Biographical Sketch, and Research Strategy(NOT-RM-15-015)NIH Roadmap Initiatives
Notice to Modify RFA-RM-13-007 "NIH Director's New Innovator Award Program (DP2)" regarding Biographical Sketch and Research Strategy(NOT-RM-15-016)NIH Roadmap Initiatives
Program Announcements:Discovery of Genetic Basis of Monogenic Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Disorders (X01)
(PAR-15-314)National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): October 20, 2015; June 15, 2016; June 15, 2017; June 15, 2018 , by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

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