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Home : Stem cells in translation

Stem cells in translation

Stem-cell research is rapidly advancing towards potential therapeutic applications such as tissue and organ replacement, disease modelling and drug testing. This collection of articles published by Nature Publishing Group illustrates progress in bringing stem-cell research to the clinic.
Research Articles provide the latest insights into how cell differentiation can be directed to reconstitute tissues in vitro and into how stem-cell fates could be modulated to promote tissue repair in vivo. The articles also describe stem-cell-based models of disease that increase our understanding of disease onset and progression, providing a tool for drug screening and development.
News and Opinion articles include Reviews and Comments and discuss the potential and limitations of these findings in the context of regenerative medicine, highlighting the technical and regulatory challenges that lie ahead.  This collection also includes a selection of peer-reviewed procedures from Nature Protocols that reflect how advances in stem-cell research are closely linked to the development of methods and techniques. Posters produced by the Nature Reviews Journals, which provide a visual overview of stem-cell-biology topics, can also be accessed and downloaded.

News and Opinion

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