lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

CDC HIV/AIDS Update: National HIV Testing Day Resources

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HIV & AIDS inthe United States
June 27 National HIV Testng Day

Act Against AIDS Instagram will launch the week of June 22 in support of National HIV Testing Day. Supporters can sign up via Twitter or Facebook  to connect with people through pictures and videos.

Raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing and early diagnosis of HIV. Help encourage HIV testing on National HIV Testing Day and every day to ensure people get tested for HIV, know their status, and get linked to care and treatment services.

National HIV Testing Day is a reminder to get the facts, get tested, and get involved to take care of yourself and your partners.

Help spread the word in your community and raise awareness about the impact of HIV, the importance of HIV prevention and testing, the effects of stigma, and how we can work together to increase support for those living with HIV.

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