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Thursday Health.mil News Round-Up: February Marks American Heart Month; Relationships at Center of Global Health Engagement; The Eight Standards of Military Immunization


The following articles were recently posted on Health.mil:

February Marks American Heart Month
Feb. 4, 2015
February is American Heart Month, and the Military Health System will celebrate the benefits of heart healthy living throughout the month. We want you to stay heart healthy for yourself and your loved ones.
Full story: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/02/04/February-Marks-American-Heart-Month

Relationships at Center of Global Health Engagement
Feb. 4, 2015
At the root of it, global health engagement is all about relationships, says Air Force Col. James Alan Chambers.
As chief of the Defense Health Agency’s International Health Specialist Program, Chambers describes how health care, a universally valued commodity, has become a successful, non-threatening way to cultivate cooperation among nations.
Full story: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/02/04/Relationships-at-Center-of-Global-Health-Engagement

The Eight Standards of Military Immunization
Feb. 4, 2015
The Defense Health Agency Immunization Healthcare Branch (IHB) is committed to high quality, responsive immunization healthcare. The Eight Standards of Military Immunization are the foundation of high quality care in the Military Health System, and are the core of the IHB’s quality improvement program.
Full story: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/02/04/The-Eight-Standards-of-Military-Immunization

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