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Genomics|Update|Infectious Diseases

Genomics|Update|Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases with cells in the background

Volume 34  Number 5  February 5-12, 2015


Let public have greater say over big health dataExternal Web Site Icon 
Richards M. New Scientist, Feb 3, 2015.
Balancing privacy versus accuracy in research protocolsExternal Web Site Icon
Goroff DL. Science 2015; 347: 479-480.  

Control use of data to protect privacyExternal Web Site Icon
Landau S. Science 2015; 347: 504-506.
Risk of exposureExternal Web Site Icon
Enserink M. Science 2015; 347: 498-500.
Public perceptions of bacterial whole-genome sequencing for tuberculosisExternal Web Site Icon
Davies A, et al. Trends Genet 2015 Feb;31(2):58-60.
A new initiative on precision medicineExternal Web Site Icon
Collins FS, Varmus H. New Engl J Med, Jan 30, 2015.
Centennial ShigellaExternal Web Site Icon
Akst J. The Scientist, Feb 1, 2015.

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