viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Friday News Round-Up: Measles Outbreak Reinforces Need for Vaccines; Snuff Out Tobacco During The Great American Spit Out on Feb 19; The Lights Are Out and Everybody’s Home: Now What?

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The current measles outbreak in California underscores the need for vaccines as important tools to protect individual health and the overall health of a population. While the highly contagious disease was considered eliminated from the United States 15 years ago, 644 cases of measles cropped up in 27 states last year, with more than 120 cases of the disease in 17 states so far this year.
Defense Health Agency (DHA) wants to help you quit smokeless tobacco. Join The Great American Spit Out on Thursday, Feb. 19, when the military community comes together in spirit to “Ditch the Snuff for Better Stuff.” This year’s e-campaign asks you to imagine the better stuff you can enjoy when you save the money you spend on tobacco, such as a beach vacation this summer.
Winter weather can be beautiful to behold as you look out at the billows of snow and twinkling ice crystals. But beauty can soon turn into a beast if you are not properly prepared when the weather outside leaves you stranded inside.

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