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Medical News | Medical Articles - Pharmacy / Pharmacology - Aug 31, 2018 Edition

Medical News | Medical Articles

 August 31, 2018 
 Pharmacy / Pharmacology 
 The latest pharmacy / pharmacology news from News Medical 
 #ALT#Maximize tablet quality and consistency

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® XL is a reagent-free Karl Fischer alternative that provides accurate and precise water-specific moisture analysis results. It is compatible with crimp top vials from 2R to 60R and is ideal for testing lyophilized materials, granulations and other low moisture samples without exposing them to ambient humidity.

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  KeysightHandling and Containment of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
Ultra careful handling and containment is needed for potent active pharma ingredients. ChargePoint underlines the difficulties and how they were safely and effectively handled for Fermion, a contract developer and manufacturer at Espoo.
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   Discovery will allow scientists to target hypoxia in cancerDiscovery will allow scientists to target hypoxia in cancer
Researchers have discovered a new GPCR that will allow them to target hypoxia in cancer, offering a new, less harmful treatment for patients.
 Scientists develop universal vaccine with the potential to protect against multiple flu strains
Scientists develop universal vaccine with the potential to protect against multiple flu strainsResearchers have developed a universal vaccine that can protect against multiple strains of influenza in animals.
 New review examines potential of medicinal cannabis to help treat intractable epilepsy
A new British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology review examines the potential of medicinal cannabis--or medical marijuana--for helping patients with intractable epilepsy, in which seizures fail to come under control with standard anticonvulsant treatment.
 Oxidative Stress Hampers Blood Vessel Dilation in Men
Oxidative Stress Hampers Blood Vessel Dilation in MenHigher levels of oxidative stress in males results in lower levels of cofactor BH needed to make the powerful blood vessel dilator nitric oxide.
 Allergy Patch Testing
Allergy Patch TestingAllergy patch testing is used to screen substances to determine the cause of an allergic skin reaction. Patches with different suspected irritants (allergens) are applied to a person’s back and left in place for 48 hours. The skin is then examined for signs of a hypersensitive reaction.
 New findings pave way for novel, improved drugs to treat psychiatric disorders
Researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center have found new evidence of how certain transport proteins are working at the molecular level, paving the way for new, improved drugs to treat psychiatric disorders.

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