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Recently Published: CDC Article Highlights Opportunities to Improve Sepsis Prevention

Combatting Sepsis: A Public Health Perspective | Clinical Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic
Oxford University Press
Public Health Professionals Have Opportunity to Establish a Comprehensive Approach to Sepsis

Combatting Sepsis: A Public Health Perspective” in Clinical Infectious Diseases highlights the opportunities and challenges in creating integrated sepsis and infection control programs.
Educate Patients

The authors report on the work of public health organizations in tracking and preventing infections that can lead to sepsis and in reducing the burden of chronic diseases that increase the risk of sepsis.
A growing recognition of sepsis burden has prompted state and national initiatives to improve and benchmark the quality of care within healthcare facilities. Public health professionals have the opportunity to go further, establishing a comprehensive approach to sepsis that extends beyond the hospital by integrating prevention, early recognition, treatment, and tracking of sepsis into public health initiatives.
To learn more about sepsis and how to prevent infections, visit www.cdc.gov/sepsis. 

NEW @CDCgov article in #ClinInfectDis highlights opportunities to improve sepsis prevention. Do you know how to protect yourself, loved ones, and patients from sepsis? bit.ly/2Jli2LP #sepsis #GetAheadofSepsis

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