lunes, 11 de junio de 2018

Make more second chances possible

Celebrate their victories and make more possible.
Amy Countiss - Survivor.
Sunday was National Cancer Survivors Day, and at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center we're celebrating the extraordinary triumphs of cancer patients all week.

It's also a time to celebrate caring people like you — because when you give to MD Anderson, you can help thousands overcome cancer.

Please help more people survive cancer by making a special gift now.

Your gift can help save the lives of people like Amy Countiss, who was diagnosed at 41 with aggressive breast cancer. Her MD Anderson team raced to save her life with a plan that included chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation.

Today, Amy's cancer is in remission, and she appreciates every day more than ever. "Because of our strong faith in the Lord and the excellent care I received and continue to receive at MD Anderson, life just keeps getting better," she says.

Thank you in advance for your support. It means the world to the men, women and children who are fighting for their lives.

P.S. This special week of recognizing cancer survivors is the perfect time to make a meaningful gift in honor of someone you care about.

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