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Find HIV Testing Sites & Care Services

Find HIV Testing Sites & Care Services

hivgov logo observes National HIV Testing Day 2018

This special email supplies you with resources to communicate on and after National HIV Testing Day (NHTD - June 27). We hope you find these resources useful, whether you’re communicating on behalf of an organization or as a concerned individual. These resources focus on the importance of HIV testing and knowing one’s status, of getting and staying in care, and highlight the place for prevention efforts.

Help Your Audiences to Know Their HIV Status and Get Services

The HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator enables anyone to enter their zip code and find nearby HIV testing centers and other health and social services. The link for the locator is HIV testing can be the entryway to health, prevention and care.

You can add this locator to your site. This recently released, and short, video walks you through the three steps to do this. Watch the video, get the widget, and you’re on your way to better serving your audience. By the way, the locator data updates without any more work for you!

HIV Basics

Looking for succinct, plain language information about HIV?  We’ve got it in our HIV Basics section, along with images you can download and share. This content can tell you who should get tested and where to get testing. There’s also an overview of HIV testing and explanations to help understand test results -- positive or negative. We provide an overview of HIV and AIDS; and information on HIV prevention and risks.

Graphics, the Hashtag and More

Part of our Events section on is devoted to awareness days. We feature resources for National HIV Testing Day and other HIV awareness days.

We’ve been updating our NHTD page with all things #HIVTestingDay. That’s where you can find the badge, and links to shareable images, CDC fact sheets, and the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator. We also point you to the CDC’s web feature and other federal resources. And don’t forget to visit CDC’s DoingIt site; it’s got ways you can add your voice to the digital, or IRL conversation. Reminder: these are some of the hashtags in use: #NHTD #HIVTestingDay #DoingItMyWay #HaciendoloAMiManera

Blogs and Articles

Here’s some of our content about HIV and testing:
And ICYMI, we started our NHTD 2018 coverage with this blog:
We’ll be posting about HIV and testing up to and on June 27. To find more related blogs and other content, you can search on “testing” at the top of our home page. We’ve also got a HIV Basics “tab” under the “Latest Blog Posts” on our home page that displays blogs about prevention, treatment and core developments in the clinical and scientific aspects of HIV. New blogs (for any topic) appear on our home page. You can also click on the small blue “testing” topic tag that appears on any of those posts to get a list of other posts and pages about HIV testing. Signing up with will get you our upcoming blogs by email.

Next: Expand your Reach

NHTD is a chance to talk with many audiences whose knowledge of HIV can widely vary. Increasingly, digital communication is an essential way to reach these diverse audiences. Whether you want to start using digital tools to reach your audience or need ideas to strengthen your digital outreach strategy, we can help. Virtual Office Hours is a year-round opportunity to get personalized help from our expert team in enhancing your HIV-related digital communication. Sign up now and get ready for your next communication project!

The team works to serve the information needs of the HIV community.  We’re here to support the messages of National HIV Testing Day and offer thanks for all the efforts, today and beyond, that move us closer to the end of this epidemic.
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