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Feathered fruit-eater frozen in fossil form - BMC Series blog

Feathered fruit-eater frozen in fossil form - BMC Series blog

BMC Series blog

Daniel Field & Allison Hsiang

Daniel Field is a vertebrate palaeontologist in the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath. He enjoys spending time in the field photographing wildlife and collecting fossils. His research examines the evolutionary relationships of vertebrate animals, and the impact of major geological events on the history of life. Learn more about his research here:

Allison Hsiang is a computational palaeobiologist at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Her work focuses on developing software and models to understand macroevolutionary patterns and processes and the history of life on Earth. Learn more about her research here:

Feathered fruit-eater frozen in fossil form

It is well known amongst birdwatchers that if you want to see many different species of bird, the best places to visit are in the Southern Hemisphere. So why is there so much more bird species diversity here compared to, for example, regions of Europe? Here, Daniel Field and Allison Hsiang describe their research, published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, where they examined a 52-million-year-old fossil bird to find out more.

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