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USAID Honors Mothers around the World this Mother's Day

USAID Honors Mothers around the World this Mother's Day

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USAID 2018 Mother's Day eCard Banner - Woman holding her daughter.

In the past 10 years, USAID has helped save the lives of more than 200,000 women, but our commitment to honor women’s lives goes beyond adding digits to a statistic. Empowering women and ensuring access to lifesaving care give them the opportunity to transform the lives of their children, families, communities and nations. At the Agency, we acknowledge that all women, regardless of where they are born, should have that opportunity – whether they are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Delaware; India or Indiana. When women are healthy and thriving, only then can there be true progress toward self-reliance.

This Mother’s Day, join the Agency to celebrate motherhood and the health of mothers, for the world is more resilient, more empowered and more transformed with the strength and perseverance of these women.

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Photo credit: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

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