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Sports Science and Nutrition Open Access Research

Sports Science and Nutrition Open Access Research

Sports Science and Nutrition Open Access Research

Welcome to our Sports Science and Nutrition page featuring content selected by our Editors. Here we will highlight relevant journals and articles, blogs, themed content, information on recent and upcoming events and more.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2018

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2018Due to its vast reach, unparalleled popularity and foundation of positive values, sport is ideally positioned to contribute towards the United Nations’ objectives for development and peace. We are observing and raising awareness of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2018 by showcasing our open access, peer-reviewed journals which publish high quality research articles relevant to the goals set out by the United Nations. Browse content from our featured journals below.

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivityInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA) is devoted to furthering the understanding of the behavioral aspects of diet and physical activity and is unique in its inclusion of multiple levels of analysis, including populations, groups and individuals and its inclusion of epidemiology, and behavioral, theoretical and measurement research areas.  Read more

BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation

Gym RehabilitationBMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation considers articles on all aspects of sports medicine and the exercise sciences, including rehabilitation, traumatology, cardiology, physiology, and nutrition. Read more

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Here we will be showcasing content across a variety of topics on nutrition, obesity, sport and exercise from our lifestyle cluster of journals: BMC Nutrition, BMC Obesity, and BMC Sports Science, Rehabilitation and Medicine 
New Video Abstract: The influence of a Healthy Welcoming Environment on participation in club sport by adolescent girls: a longitudinal study
Introducing a new video abstract by BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Featured article: Team sport athletes’ perceptions and use of recovery strategies: a mixed-methods survey study
In this study, the perceptions and usage of recovery by different competition levels of team sport athletes are investigated, highlighting a need for athlete and coach education by demonstrating that athletes may actually not be aware of the specific effects of such strategies on physical recovery.

Call for Papers: Submit to One of Our Collections

Exercise and Eating Disorders: Raising the bar in the treatment of over-exercise in people with AN
Exercise is the neglected “Cinderella” of eating disorder phenomenology. Its restriction in treatments is often strongly resisted and poorly understood. Journal of Eating Disorders is calling for papers on all aspects of compulsive exercise in eating disorders, and especially those that address its management, in order to improve understanding of its assessment and treatment. ​​​​​​​Submit to the Exercise and Eating Disorders article collection
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New Content Item
Exercise as medicine for metabolic dysfunction and obesity: eschewing generalities by defining specifics​​​​​​​

“Exercise is medicine”, however, for exercise to be universally embraced as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical intervention, more than a captivating catchphrase is required. BMC Sports Science, Medicine and RehabilitationBMC Endocrine DisordersBMC Obesity, and Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome have come together to provide a forum that establishes this foundation, in thisnew cross-journal article collection

How to Get Kids Moving

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity is pleased to present a brand new video abstract on How to get kids moving based on the research article ‘The theory of expanded, extended, and enhanced opportunities for youth physical activity promotion’. 

Relevant Journals

Browse through our selection of open access journals publishing Nutrition and Sports Science research. 
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Archives of Public Health 

Archives of Public Health aims to better the understanding of the health of populations and contributes to public health knowledge, enhances the interaction between research, policy and practice, and stimulates public health monitoring and indicator development. The journal considers submissions on health outcomes and their determinants, with clear statements about the public health and policy implications. 
The official journal of the Belgian Association of Public Health. Supported by a grant from the Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment.

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